In light of an amazing slate of SIFF Noir City Seattle 2017 “heist” films, along with two amazing NEW releases to announce, Eddie Muller (The Czar of Noir) & Renee Patrick (aka author’s Rosemarie & Vince Keenan) are back in studio with True North Story® to discuss all things cinema and beyond…

Eddie Muller Film Noir Foundation president, cinema historian & preservationist, author of numerous books and the officially annointed, “Czar of Noir,” is pleased to announce the debut of a brand NEW show he’ll be hosting, aptly titled, “Noir Alley.”  The first episode is set to air on Turner Classic Movies Sunday March 5th, 2017 at 10 am EST / 7:00 am PST.

It will feature an incredible set, based loosely on the Bradbury Building in Los Angles, which Eddie discusses in detail in the podcast, as well as some for the best “Film Noir” the genre has to offer! Sunday mornings just got a whole lot darker and we are thankful they did!

Download Noir Alley TV Schedule HERE.

Renee Patrick (aka authors, Vince & Rosemarie Keenan) are set to release the next installment of their successful book franchise based on Edith Head and her compatriot, Lillian Frost solving classic Hollywood mysteries! Following the incredible success of their first novel, “Design For Dying” leaving readers with a veracious appetite for more Renee’s loyal audience will hunger no more, as they will be able to feast on the release of their second installment, titled, “Dangerous To Know” available in Hardcover, April 11th, 2017…wherever FINE books are sold.

Please join us for a delightful conversation among friends, about film, Hollywood, Turner Classic Movies, Renee Patrick, Edith Head, William Shatner and so much more…on this week’s episode of True Noirth Story® from the shadows!

Now grab a donut, a cup of coffee and shut up and listen! 

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