About Tama Fulton

Tama has spent over two decades in broadcasting, as a radio host and current “on-air” personality, published journalist, and commercial voice over artist. As co-host of a weekly public affairs program, her interviews included notable government officials, corporate and civic leaders as well as many famous celebrities, including musicians, authors and major film and television entertainers. Her creative interviewing style has been heralded as unique and genuine, lending a truly authentic voice to both her media and press coverage. She has been a consultant for TEDx talks and major industry presentations. Tama’s articles have appeared in numerous trade journals and have been published in local and national newspapers, as well as online with CBS Local Digital Media, where her content contributed to record increases in readership, audience engagement and overall market awareness. Tama is a highly requested emcee, event host and public speaker for local charity and live event conferences nationwide. As Event Manager with GE Aviation Systems (formerly Naverus, Inc.), Tama executed live event logistics, coaching and communications between speakers and conference owners for the annually hosted international aviation conference in Seattle. She holds a BA in Broadcast Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University with a minor in Theatre.

Chad Littlefield & Will Wise: Conversations That Matter!

By | October 28th, 2017|

Chad Littlefield, M.Ed., is the co-founder and CEO of We!™ (www.weand.me) and author of the Pocket Guide to Facilitating Human Connections. Leaders call Chad when a lack of trust is getting in the way of results at their organization. His passion and energy for connecting people becomes immediately apparent when working with him. Chad has [...]

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Justin Young: Music Connected To Story

By | October 5th, 2017|

Justin Young sounds utterly natural when he plays, as if his extraordinary saxophone talent never needed formal training. But those mellifluous lines of soulful notes come through years of study, training and commitment to his love of music, as well as a constant desire to move forward. Young grew up in a musical household just [...]

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Bob Glouberman: Flair For The Dramatic

By | July 28th, 2017|

Bob Glouberman left his corporate law practice on September 15, 1995 realizing that "L.A. Law" had lied to him about what it was like to be a lawyer. He began an acting career, much to the chagrin of his parents, who had put him through four years of college at Stanford University and three years of [...]

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Ryan Hodgson: Marketing Wizard From Oz

By | June 22nd, 2017|

Ryan is a marketing executive, social media influencer and CEO of Ryanintheus LLC which offers Marketing and Influencer services. In April 2017 he was named the 20th most retweeted marketer in the world and is a nationally award winning content marketer. As a former VP at a top 5 B2B marketing agency in the US, [...]

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Diana Clark: Shaken to Awaken

By | February 2nd, 2017|

Diana Clark is co-host of The Women’s Hour on Conscious Talk Radio 1150AM-KKNW in Seattle. Since the age of fourteen, Diana began exploring her gift and abilities in reading fortune telling cards. These cards have been passed down through the German side of her family for many generations and her clientele spans the globe. Diana describes herself [...]

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Benjamin Brown: Finding Who I Am

By | January 26th, 2017|

This week's True North Story® podcast episode, is a bit different in that we were contacted directed by Benjamin Brown and asked if he could share his extremely timely and noteworthy story. We agreed. Benjamin Brown's story begins with an adoption at the age of three by an amazingly family who loved and cared and [...]

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Alexis Marie Chute: Expecting Sunshine

By | January 18th, 2017|

Alexis Marie Chute is a professional writer, artist and photographer. In her fields she has garnered an international reputation and has received over 30 awards for her visual and literary work. Alexis Marie was named a “Top 40 Under 40” by Avenue Magazine, an “Emerging Canadian Photographer” by Photo Life Magazine, and was the 2012/2013 [...]

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Rebecca Jean Downey: The Middle Eye

By | January 11th, 2017|

Rebecca Jean Downey is an award-winning writer with a journalism degree from Indiana University. During Rebecca’s first job as a newspaper reporter in Indiana, she was assigned to cover law enforcement agencies and the courts. With tutoring from two county judges, Rebecca gained the respect of the law enforcement community, including the prosecutor’s office and [...]

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John Tarnoff: The Power of Reinvention

By | January 5th, 2017|

Over the course of my 40 year career (prior to becoming a career coach), I have been fired 39% of the time. In any other field, this might be a questionable thing to brag about, but as an entertainment executive and ​film producer for much of the past 40 years, this is pretty much "business-as-usual" in [...]

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Mitch McVicker: We Are Being Made

By | December 15th, 2016|

Mitch McVicker is an amazing singer and songwriter, his music career has consisted of 1,500 concerts and over 10 albums. And his latest project, McVicker looks towards the mysterious grey love of God. He says, “I hope the songs remind us that God’s all-encompassing love connects with us in all situations and through every circumstance." [...]

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