8yTSuf7aBarns Courtney was born in Ipswich, England. From the age of three, he lived in Seattle, and, returned to the UK for the start of high school. 

After learning the guitar as a teen, Barns led a British indie band called SleeperCell and signed a music deal with Island Records out of high school.

After three years, the deal fell through and Barns was once again on his own, struggling to find meaning and purpose for his musical gifts.  

It was while he was working and saving money to write and record new music one track at a time that another amazing twist of fortune revealed itself to Barns.

This new break presented itself in the form of his latest track, “Fire” catching the ear of Harvey Weinstein, the Miramax movie mogul who felt it would fit nicely on the soundtrack for Burnt, an independent film he was producing, starring Bradly Cooper who also loved the track and the rest is history!

In 2015, his song “Fire” went on to receive significant airplay on American alternative and rock radio stations across the US, starting with KNDD, The End, in Seattle, Washington.  

Barns is currently back in the studio, working on his first full-length album and True North Story® was fortunate enough to catch up with him in LA, just before his performance on the Conan O’Brien show.

This is Barns Courtney and this is his True North Story®

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