This week’s True North Story® podcast episode, is a bit different in that we were contacted directed by Benjamin Brown and asked if he could share his extremely timely and noteworthy story. We agreed.

Benjamin Brown’s story begins with an adoption at the age of three by an amazingly family who loved and cared and helped raise him in a way that he stills relishes and appreciates to this very day. His story becomes increasingly interesting after the death of his adopted mother.

At this point in his life, Benjamin Brown embarked on a quest to find his actual birth mother, who had given him up for adoption nearly 40 years earlier. Benjamin’s search would lead him on an incredible journey of self-discovery, where he not only found his natural mother, but an entire network of family, friends and loved ones, all of whom had been waiting to reconnect with him for years.

Benjamin’s incredible story is one filled with loss and love, heartache and joy and ultimately unanswered questions that led to answers filled with redemption. Ben’s journey is unique in lots of ways, yet similar to so many who also grow up in adopted families, searching for answers and their own redemption.

Share a few minutes of your day with Ben on his journey to finding truth in own life. A US Marine veteran, Benjamin is now a sales consultant,  business owner and author.

This is Benjamin Brown’s True North Story®. 

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