xyCinXDLBrandon T. Adams is a 2012 graduate of Iowa State University and inventor of the “Arctic Stick,” a plastic, bullet-shaped tube that easily slides into any number of different beverage containers, helping to keep them cool.

The “Arctic Stick” is Brandon’s very first invention and has garnered a tremendous amount of attention from both the media and interested investors from coast to coast.

In addition to being featured in the USAToday.com, in the Des Moines Register, on KCWI-TV and on WHO Radio, Brandon launched an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign in August of 2014, securing more than $25,000 in funding from hundreds of investors in the U.S. and abroad.

Brandon loves to speak publicly, offering his inspirational and motivational messages in front of crowds of all ages, with his primary target audience being young adults in high school and/or college.


Read more about Brandon on his website. Like his Facebook page. Follow him on Twitter.

If you’d like to learn more from Brandon about crowdfunding, you can take his online course HERE.

Brandon (shown in photo right with Apprentice star, Tana Goetz) is also gearing up to launch a huge media campaign for a Reality TV show called, “Ambitious.”  

The show will travel to 10 cities all across the country, interviewing entrepreneurs and highlighting their ideas, concepts and businesses.   Sign up for free updates HERE.

Are you a superstar entrepreneur who would be good for TV and ready for primetime now?  Brandon is accepting applications.  Click for more details HERE.

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