True North Story® podcast co-hosts Tama Fulton & John Hudson Messerall talk to iconic Sub Pop Records Founder, Bruce Pavitt and Adam Farish about details of their latest creative innovation together called 8 Stem. A discussion ensues on how their new 8 Stem mobile app and subsequent infrastructure will not only disrupt the user’s current musical experience, but will radically enhance how they engage & interact with their music while being able to change, add to and create entirely new music into the future.

Bruce says 8 Stem will blow up even bigger than Sub Pop Records and honestly, we believe him! We also dig into the roots and birth of the infamous “Seattle Sound” along with an explanation into the meaning behind the iconic term “grunge” + a whole lot of really incredible music. 

“I’ve always had a deep appreciation for creativity. And I’m looking forward to helping build a creative community of people that will reach out & stimulate others.” – Bruce Pavitt, Co-Founder & Creative Director, 8 Stem

“My favorite things lie in creativity and technology.” – Adam Farish, Co-Founder & CEO, 8 Stem

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