Eddie Muller, according to his website, is a second generation San Franciscan, product of a lousy public school education, a couple of crazy years in art school, and too much time in newspaper offices and sporting arenas. No college, but he’s compensated by always hanging around smarter people, an effortless feat typically accomplished in bars, where he once had an occupation as a bartender.

Despite repeated warnings, he followed in his father’s footsteps, earning a living as a print journalist for sixteen years. No scoops, no big prizes, but he left behind a thoroughly abused expense account that got him into (and out of) various intriguing parts of the world.

His career as an ink-stained fourth estate wretch sidetracked Muller’s early goal of becoming a filmmaker. A stint in George Kuchar’s notorious “narrative filmmaking” class at the San Francisco Art Institute in the late 1970s resulted in the creation of a 14-minute, 16mm hommage to Raymond Chandler called Bay City Blues, one of five national finalists for the 1979 Student Academy Award. He also appeared as an actor in several Kuchar movies of the period.

Since 1998 Muller has devoted himself to projects that pique his interest, ranging from the creation of a Historical Boxing Museum, to a fully illustrated history of “Adults Only” films, acting as co-writer and producer of one of the first completely digital theatrical documentaries, Mau Mau Sex Sex.

He created his own graphics firm, St. Francis Studio, which enables him to design, as well as write, his non-fiction books. He has achieved much acclaim for his three books on film noir, earning the impressive and notable nickname “The Czar of Noir.”


Eddie is the host of “Noir Alley on TCM (Turner Classic Movies), and hosts numerous film noir film festivals, including the upcoming Noir City 2018 with the SIFF in Seattle in February of next year.  

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