“On paper, I was a statistic,” says Dr. Jason Carthen of his early life. Born in Decatur, Alabama to a single mother, Jason grew up in poverty with his siblings both in Alabama and after his mother moved the family to Ohio in search of better opportunities.

When a high school football coach eventually noticed Jason and his incredible physical prowess, asking him if he might like to try out for the football team?

Jason had never played a single sport previously, but with his tremendous drive, tenacity and athleticism, he knew almost immediately that the game of football would be his way out of poverty and brokenness.

Dr. Jason went on to become an All-American football player in high school and the holder of numerous records at Ohio University, where Jason applied himself both on and off the field, eventually culminating in earning himself a highly coveted roster spot as a linebacker with the World Champion NFL team, the New England Patriots.

Not only a man of great size at 6’4”, 249 pounds during his days in the NFL, but Dr. Carthen is also a man of great passion as well, taking the lessons he has learned, applying them in a myriad of ways to better the lives of those all around the world. His foundation helps feed families in poverty and sends young people to college. His motivational speaking engagements and books have helped people TAKE ACTION in their own lives, and become better leaders in their organizations, businesses and families.

Dr. Jason will tell you he has “been extremely blessed and strives for a servant’s heart” — we could not agree with him more. Dr. Jason is a man of honor, on a mission with the vision and inspiration to help others help themselves. His story is one filled with truth and wisdom, pain and sorrow, comebacks and redemption, this is Dr. Jason Carthen’s True North Story®.

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