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This week’s episode of True North Story® veers into the eclectic universe of handcrafted products, made by extremely talented artisans here in the USA.  Josh Harvey is one of those creative artisans and this is his True North Story®.  

Well, in all honesty… it’s Josh and his beautiful wife’s story, since according to Josh, without Kayleen there would be no Sneerwell.

So who is Josh Harvey and what is “The Sneerwell?”

Well, the Sneerwell is easy, it’s Josh and Kayleen’s custom line of one of a kind, hand etched, jewelry, flasks, lighters and home goods that seem to hail from another era – an earlier era when life was dare we say, simpler?

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.00.13 PMJosh requires a far more detailed description, and we’re not even sure the 43 minutes of our True North Story® fully grasps the complexities of Josh Harvey, but we are positive of one thing, the picture is far more complete than it was when we started.

Josh is a former touring musician with the band, Gungor, he is an accomplished guitarist, a muralist, illustrator and fabulous glass and metal etch artist.  He is deep and thoughtful and concerned about others.  Josh has a strong sense of style and fashion, he prefers flying under the radar and tends to shy away from things that become trendy and overly popular.

Josh has been called a saint by others, Tama and I are not sure about all that and nor is he, but what we do know is Josh is a hell of a great guy and we would just settle for a little more conversation, some strong black coffee or Wild Turkey or perhaps even rum…that call is up to Josh and Kayleen. — JHM

Podcast Mentions:

Tama’s flask, “The Fall,” the “Hell Hound” flask (most popular) and John’s flask, “Miss Behavin'”

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