Lauren & Emily: BRANDED Collective

Lauren (0100) & Emily (0025) are the co-founders of The BRANDED Collective.  Lauren and Emily started their company in 2012 to help survivors of trafficking in Nashville, TN.

They provide job training and employment for survivors through the creation of beautiful jewelry. 

Their hope is that each of our employees will be inspired to rediscover the dreams she has lost and be motivated to go forth and pursue them.

Emily and Lauren raised $10,000 in startup funds through word of mouth and social media marketing, and are involved in every aspect of creative direction, product development and financial management. 

The BRANDED Collective employs survivors of human trafficking from Nashville-based non-profit End Slavery Tennessee.

The women work with local artisans to design and handcraft the jewelry collection.

25% of the profits go to the rescue, restoration and employment of survivors of the human trafficking and sexual slavery trade.

When you receive your item from the BRANDED Collective, you are BRANDED. Each piece contains a unique number that represents one of the millions trapped in the nightmare of trafficking.
To mark with a branding iron. Any mark of disgrace, stigma, shame. Many victims of human trafficking are BRANDED; their captors physically mark them with a number or symbol. The process is often violent: a forced tattoo, a burn or knife cut.
Something done by people acting as a group. Shared by all members of the group. A cooperative enterprise. If you have purchased a BRANDED product, you are part of our BRANDED family. BRANDED is a collective of abolitionists working together to affect change.
Once you make a purchase, you can register your number and share a message of hope with survivors who make the cuffs. Please tell BRANDED what freedom means to you and why you believe in the BRANDED Collective. Use your voice to share your message of hope with our BRANDED family. Learn more:
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