208933_501071363240642_2064608899_nMichaela Carter studied theatre at UCLA and holds an MFA in creative writing from Warren Wilson College.  Her poetry has ben nominated for two Pushcart Prizes, and has won the Poetry Society of America Los Angeles New Poets Contest.  

Michaela’s works have also appeared in numerous journals.

michaelaMichaela was living  in the center of the art, music and club scene of downtown Los Angeles in the 1990s, and witnessed the violence of the LA Riots and its aftermath.

Based on much of her own life, her first novel, Further Out Than You Thought is the story of three broken, vulnerable young people searching for truth in the “Neverland that is Los Angeles, where make-believe seems real.” Their lives take pivotal turns while the City of Angels comes apart during the three days of LA Riots.

As part of her research for the novel, Michaela lived a secret life as a stripper in the LA club scene where life was very different from what she had ever known as a graduate student.

This is Michaela Carter’s True North Story®


Right Photo: (with her friend Valore, in her apartment, Los Angeles, 1990’s)

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