maxresdefaultMitch McVicker is an amazing singer and songwriter, his music career has consisted of 1,500 concerts and over 10 albums.
And his latest project, McVicker looks towards the mysterious grey love of God. He says, “I hope the songs remind us that God’s all-encompassing love connects with us in all situations and through every circumstance.”
After growing up in Kansas, McVicker began working with the late, great Christian contemporary artist, Rich Mullins. The two of them performed concerts together, wrote songs together, and even lived together. Then, on the fateful evening of September 19th, 1997, McVicker and Mullins were traveling together in a Jeep, when Mullins lost control and the two were ejected from the vehicle, Mullins being killed instantly, while Mitch took years to recover from his injuries.
mitchrichShortly after Rich’s death, and while Mitch was still deep in recovery, the pair won the GMA’s Dove Award for song of the year, for their writing of, “My Deliverer.”
Rich Mullins had influenced Mitch’s thoughts as much as he had influenced his music and after a lengthy recovery, Mitch began a musical journey of his own.  
This can be heard as McVicker speaks of embarking on his latest project, “At this point in my life, I am setting out to be guided by the Love of God. Being led by love is a lot more scary, ambiguous, and, yes, grey, than following steps simply for the sake of the steps.” He continues, “I want to live in the grey. That’s not to say that anything goes, rather, that’s to say that everything is included. Jesus seems to point out that the Kingdom of God is built upon a vast grey love.”
Mitch lives in Atlanta, Georgia and loves spending time with his wife, Paula, and their two children, Brooklyn and Payson. McVicker also wears the many different hats required for a successful music career, handling booking, creative and visionary management, publicity, tour management, recording, merchandise management and promotions.
McVicker states, “For Jesus, life is lived from the heart, soul, and spirit. He speaks of life being fueled by grace and led by an all-encompassing love. So I think calculating, measuring, and keeping track of our actions, and everybody else’s, just clutters the space in which love moves.”  McVicker says he will continue to perform concerts and record albums “for as long as the Lord sees fit”, and summarizes, “I have often colored within the lines simply because the lines were there. That’s easy. That’s comfortable. But that’s not the call.”

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