MonikaRace2In 2009, Monika Korra, a student athlete at SMU in Dallas, Texas was abducted by three men while leaving a late night party with friends.

She was forced at gunpoint into a vehicle where she was robbed, raped repeatedly and viciously dumped into the cold, dark night — afraid and alone, but alive.

Refusing to view herself as a victim, Monika shares her story with the public, hoping her efforts will help “Kill The Silence,” and societal stigmas often associated with the violent crime of sexual assault and rape.

Today, Monika continues using her voice to speak out and raise awareness on behalf of all survivor’s of sexual assault.

From creating hSAAMer own Monika Korra Foundation, to speaking publicly and writing a recently published book, “Kill the Silence: A Survivor’s Life Reclaimed,” Monika is committed to shinning a very bright light on this issue.

April is Sexual Abuse Awareness month and we are honored and incredibly blessed to share Monika’s True North Story® with our podcast audience.


Monika Korra – Breaking The Silence from Evolve on Vimeo.

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