Our Story

What is True North Story®?

It is an idea. It is an empowering way of sharing stories that drive enlightenment and inspiration for our audiences via the journeys of our guests.

True North Story® is a collaborative concept born from the kindred spirits of childhood friends who grew up together in the city of Chicago, before losing touch with one another for years.

Our paths led us both away from Chicago for different reasons, but destiny and a profound desire to create and provide a platform for the delivery of transformational messages larger than ourselves drew us back together.

True North Story® is designed to inspire, encourage, motivate and offer hope to our audiences via the journey to find “true north” in the lives of our eclectic roster of amazing guests.

As childhood friends and now co-hosts, we stand back in continual amazement and wonderment at the powerful truths that emanate from our guests’ stories and the profound messages contained within.

Discover your True North Story® today.