Rebecca Jean Downey is an award-winning writer with a journalism degree from Indiana University. During Rebecca’s first job as a newspaper reporter in Indiana, she was assigned to cover law enforcement agencies and the courts. With tutoring from two county judges, Rebecca gained the respect of the law enforcement community, including the prosecutor’s office and local attorneys for her accurate reporting.

Since then, Rebecca has free-lanced for local and national publications on issues of criminal justice and other subjects. In 2002, she was fortunate to interview Harley Lappin, the warden of the U.S. Federal Prison in Terre Haute, Indiana during Timothy McVeigh’s execution.

The inspiration for her first novel, The Middle Eye, came from getting to know the late El Paso County, Texas Sheriff Leo Samaniego, who allowed her to tour both county jails and interview him and his deputies. This experience opened her eyes to the unique law enforcement challenges along the U.S./Mexico border, including the growing problem of child trafficking.

During her research for her second novel, Devil Eye, Rebecca was inspired by the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry and the 70,000 victims in Mexico who have also lost their lives in battles involving guns over the last seven years.

Rebecca and her husband, Mike, now live in the Seattle area. Rebecca works for the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington and this is her True North Story®.

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