In this episodeCfvUa-MUAAAxO2F of True North Story® your co-hosts Tama Fulton & John Hudson Messerall dive into the “indie” film world with the director Jeremy Profe and producers Gabriel & Rafael Francisco of their 2016 film “The Lennon Report.”

The film, which has received rave reviews and numerous festival awards, focuses on the fateful night in 1980, when John Lennon was shot and killed in New York City.

The story was meticulously researched and is carefully revealed through the eyes and from the perspective of those who actually lived it.

Rafael Francisco, Jeremy Profe and Gabriel Francisco

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The Lennon Report Official Trailer:

Howard Kurtz recently reported during the Fox News show, Media Buzz these very same factual inaccuracies which were revealed in the 2016 “The Lennon Report” film.

His segment was titled; “The Untold John Lennon Story” and is available below:

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