Before 13321985_1276528285699392_6357831528715819605_nTony Russell was a radio personality with The Fitz Show, which is heard nationwide, he was a pastor and licensed counselor. 

When Tony hit his mid-40s, he took a huge step back to reexamine his worldview, which resulted in a journey full of unexpected twists and turns. It was a journey that changed both his spiritual and philosophical views on life and (to some degree) death.

Tony’s blog, The Next Half and his Facebook posts will make you laugh, cry, and at times feel confused and possibly offended, but please remember they are simply Tony’s thoughts and nothing more.

Tony talks and writes as if  he’s an authority, but you’ll soon realize it’s just Tony thinking out loud for the whole world to see and hear. 

His mother always told him, “Tony, don’t write anything you wouldn’t want the entire world to know.”

This is Tony, telling his True North Story®, while not listening to the best advice he was ever given.

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